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film shots from 16 november 2012

not very long ago, while it feels like forever, we spent some time at our magical spot in salem, the salem willows. i took lots of digital shots and a few polaroids with my sx-70. i also used my hasselblad 500 c/m–the camera i adore and i am somewhat in awe of (yes i am really ending a sentence with a preposition).

i know i never thought that i would ever own such a great beauty as this camera–just holding her is almost enough–almost. i know she is content to let me fuss and dance around her, she is patient and she knows that sooner or later i will fall into a rhythm and i will know that i am able to work WITH her. that is her plan. her only goal is to be used in a loving, respectful and fun way and she means for me to know that and to r.e.l.a.x. and she has time, lots of time.

i am sitting here thinking of her and of the sea and its special smells and sounds and awesomeness and i am glad to be alive.

oh yes and a few shots from Honor my hassy:

another one of that sweet little house:

all shots taken with my hasselblad 500 c/m, 150mm f4. lens, ektar 100 film.



Sunday, so good to me

Annie Fannie finally appears in my posts and it is about time, she says!!!

I awoke this morning to sunshine and I was stunned because the forecast was for a cloudy day. It’s Sunday and that means it is a film day because I belong to my first blog “EverySecondSunday” and we post on, guess what, every other Sunday and so this is a day for shooting film. Not the only day, of course, but a special day, a different day than most during the week because it has a certain “feel.”

My hasselblad was eagerly retrieved from it’s case along with the meter and I cast my eyes around hoping that one of the cats would oblige me by sitting in the front room where the sun was strongest (guest room, office, whatever room) and Annie did! After I took the shot I really thought I had locked up the mirror but then realized that I had not unlocked the camera! I am sure that Carl would have loved if I hadn’t been sooooo vocal in my self critism!

It is a day that is very orderly for me in some ways: Carl does the marketing for my elderly parents whilst I do the laundry, we take the groceries to their home and then, usually, we see our daughter Rachel and her wife Megan and, hopefully, Rachel’s mom and step-dad and Megan’s parents and usually Michele and sometimes other friends.

But between the few household duties I do and our other visits, I feel sometimes that I really do squander my free time on Sunday and Saturday… that I spend a great deal of time daydreaming and relaxing and just puttering. Carl says he thinks it is good because I work hard and it is good to have a rest. I think that I am a big, lazy girl!!!!

Well enough of that! The day turned very cloudy and my cold turned from an annoyance to “I just want to lie on the sofa and watch stupid television.”

So here are some digital shots from this morning starring Annie Fannie and a glimpse of Parker with a huge showing from Honor my Hassy. Oona still has not been captured for the blog! MY blog!!! It still is so very strange to say I have a blog!