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Parker Posey Palleschi

the palleschi’s get their tree!



every year carl and i get our tree on a friday night, let it settle, put the lights on it on saturday and get the decorating done on sunday! this year we had even more time because i took friday off so we had the luxury of getting the tree in the day light and getting the royal treatment as well because no one else was there!!!

we have been going to the same place for years and know the people there as well as their golden retriever, diego!! it is always a pleasure, but this year we really had a grand time with the guy picking out just the right tree for us!!! while the tree was being looked for and trussed up, i walked around taking shots:


i took a billion shots of the berries--and i am sorry to say that i can't have them in the house--the kitties would eat them and i don't think that would be a good thing!!!!

i took a billion shots of the berries–and i am sorry to say that i can’t have them in the house–the kitties would eat them and i don’t think that would be a good thing!!!!



diego is one of the sweetest dogs evah!!! it always feels like he remembers us and i love giving him big hugs!!

diego is one of the sweetest dogs evah!!! it always feels like he remembers us and i love giving him big hugs!!


bye diego, see you next year!!!

bye diego, see you next year!!!

back home with our beauty!!

back home with our beauty!!

this is parker posey's first Christmas -- well she was actually around last Christmas but far too young to remember!!!

his is parker posey’s first Christmas — well she was actually around last Christmas but far too young to remember!!!

in the stand and ready to relax and settle in!!!

in the stand and ready to relax and settle in!!!


saturday morning and i’ve got the music playing (the “Messiah”) and tea ready for a nice, peaceful time to put on the lights and get some decorations up!



we have our tree right underneath a skylight–our little condo is actually the original attic of our three condo house–it’s cozy and comfy and just right for us!!!

the yellow submarine ornament was given to us last year by our dear girls: Rachel and Megan. also notice the beautiful photo of the good humor truck by Debbie Candeub--Damiec~!!!!

the yellow submarine ornament was given to us last year by our dear girls: Rachel and Megan. also notice the beautiful photo of the good humor truck by Debbie Candeub–Damiec~!!!!

At last the lights are on:


and other decorations are scattered around:






and the tree is decorated!!!!


and parker posey is all set for her first real Christmas:


annie and oona were not in the posing mood!!! all photos taken with my canon 60d and 50mm f1.4 lens.


a saturday at salem willows, memories and cats

carl and i don’t go to salem willows enough. and that’s been changing recently. while the harbor is right across the street from my house, the willows is a very special place.

i am always drawn to the sea — it’s why i live where i do and it is always something i am aware of. at one time, long before i met my love, i thought about moving closer to my dear sister, kathy, but i just couldn’t make the change — she is only about 45 minutes from the ocean, but it just felt like i was losing a part of myself. the smell, the sound, its beauty — i couldn’t leave it.

a long time ago, when i lived in lynn (lynn lynn city of sin, you never come out the way you went in), right by kings’s beach, i could also see the water from my window and, i loved walking this huge beach with my dear cairn terrier, sidney and then her little baby, my precious emrys! i was always very sad for them when summer would come because no dogs were allowed on the beach. but as soon as we were able, off we went, them running around like crazy-happy pups and me, basking in their joy!

we also would take vacations in provincetown, which, for those who are not familiar with cape cod, is right on the very tip of the cape — it’s beaches are stunning and it is particularly stellar in the winter. so bleak. so pale. so gorgeous. and, in the summer, my dogs would swim like they were huge water dogs–particularly sidney–and then flop on the blankets and soak up the sun. ooooo to be a dog!!!!

in those days i had two cameras: my minolta srt201 and my polaroid one step! i can see, in my minds eye, some of those moments we shared! i will, at some time, post some of those old shots!!!

but on with salem willows–a place that still has that honky tonk feel (in miniature) but, at one time, was a real amusement park! my mother told me that my great uncles would load up the huge clan and take them all for the long drive (then) from west medford to salem. she loved it and has wonderful memories of her family and all the fun they had! and i have some of those old photos too–from their trips to salem willows, kings beach and other beaches in our area. i have one with my great aunt bertha, my mother and some of my aunts (all young girls) at kings beach with my great aunt’s model t (i think) in the background!

so here, at last, are some more shots from last saturday, 10 november 2012!!!

and cats, dear annie and parker. oona is a hard one to pin down!

you probably notice that i have taken more than one shot of that little turquoise house! it is one of my favorite little things in the world! such a silly little thing!!!


saturday light

carl and i still have bad colds and we are staying close to home, much to my dismay because salem is in full swing for halloween and i want to be downtown roaming the streets! soon! today was a day of shooting indoors and appreciating the sunlight streaming through the skylights warming our bodies and souls. all the shots were taken with my canon 60d using my 100mm f2.8 lens.

i saw the light everywhere, from this basket

to the edge of the wood stove

to beautiful Parker Posey Palleschi!

and the light on my loves coffee cup!

and to Parker again, beautifully lit!

thinking about iphone images and happy holidays





I just wrote a really interesting little piece on my feelings about the iphone and other smart phones and I just lost it. Arrrggghhhhh. Ok, again. What I said was that I originally wanted my iphone very badly because I wanted to play on instagram with all of my friends. I never expected to fall in love with its wonderful images! Sometimes, because I don’t have a wide angle lens, I get the better photo with my iphone!

I also said something really pithy to the effect that those who disparage iphone camera shots either have never used one or have very rigid ideas of what photography is all about. I think photography, like all art, should be growing and alive and accepting of all tools. I think I said that much nicer before. But, hey, there’s the message!

Today is Mortal Muses’s Mobile Monday and it is really something that I enjoy! Happy Monday to all, Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and Happy Columbus Day to those who live in the United States!


Sunday, so good to me

Annie Fannie finally appears in my posts and it is about time, she says!!!

I awoke this morning to sunshine and I was stunned because the forecast was for a cloudy day. It’s Sunday and that means it is a film day because I belong to my first blog “EverySecondSunday” and we post on, guess what, every other Sunday and so this is a day for shooting film. Not the only day, of course, but a special day, a different day than most during the week because it has a certain “feel.”

My hasselblad was eagerly retrieved from it’s case along with the meter and I cast my eyes around hoping that one of the cats would oblige me by sitting in the front room where the sun was strongest (guest room, office, whatever room) and Annie did! After I took the shot I really thought I had locked up the mirror but then realized that I had not unlocked the camera! I am sure that Carl would have loved if I hadn’t been sooooo vocal in my self critism!

It is a day that is very orderly for me in some ways: Carl does the marketing for my elderly parents whilst I do the laundry, we take the groceries to their home and then, usually, we see our daughter Rachel and her wife Megan and, hopefully, Rachel’s mom and step-dad and Megan’s parents and usually Michele and sometimes other friends.

But between the few household duties I do and our other visits, I feel sometimes that I really do squander my free time on Sunday and Saturday… that I spend a great deal of time daydreaming and relaxing and just puttering. Carl says he thinks it is good because I work hard and it is good to have a rest. I think that I am a big, lazy girl!!!!

Well enough of that! The day turned very cloudy and my cold turned from an annoyance to “I just want to lie on the sofa and watch stupid television.”

So here are some digital shots from this morning starring Annie Fannie and a glimpse of Parker with a huge showing from Honor my Hassy. Oona still has not been captured for the blog! MY blog!!! It still is so very strange to say I have a blog!

a new blog and precious parker posey

Blogging has become more and more interesting to me but I thought I would never actually have the nerve to start one. Friends of mine (and you know who you are) urged me to use this format to showcase my photography and I am giving it a try. While photography is my main reason for starting this blog I am sure that this blog, like me, it will begin to ramble into different areas!

So today is my first post and I want it to be something special!

After only taking film shots and iphone shots, I picked up my faithful 60d when I saw Parker in some incredible, golden hour light:

I am enjoying blogging so far!!!!!