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a walk in the park


early december 2012.

i have a very favorite park in boston. it’s not the public gardens or the boston common. it is very small park. it is in post office square and it is quiet, serene, pretty and always uplifting. it reminds me a bit of new york’s central park, though far smaller  — right in the middle of everything, yet a break from it all. i took my holga there (and my canon eos 3) and took a few shots. walk with me if you like! the first is on the way and the rest are within the park itself:





most shots taken with my holga 120n, kodak 400 t max. the last is from my canon eos 3, 50mm f1.4, ektar 100.


walking to work on thursday

we actually had a visit from the sun thursday morning and it was glorious! what a way to start the day–finding light everywhere and my only duty to try, to TRY, to capture its essence. well, i think i have some work ahead of me but i am enjoying the process! ALL SHOTS TODAY ARE FROM MY CANON 3, ILFORD 400 FILM, 50MM F1.4

this is canal street in boston, well the first, second and fourth. the third shot was actually on my way home–another lovely walk. there was a gymnastics event sponsored by athletic company–great for people watching!




this woman caught my eye because, shooting in black and white, i knew the contrasts would be great so i had to take her photo–i admit i tried from the side and the shot was not as good as it should be. i need to get braver!!!



and back to the beginning of the day on canal street! glorious sun!



city to country

Last Saturday, Carl and I took a ride to the country (well, as country as it gets around here!) and went to Tendercrop Farm in Newbury! We had a grand time: a gorgeous locale, wonderful produce and gifts and, best of all, a petting zoo!

Yesterday! I shot all these with my canon 60d, 100mm f2.8 lens and I am trying to stop down by two stops instead of shooting wide open as I am wont to do. This first shot I desaturated a bit, as I usually do but the next one is very vivid! I think I just NEED vivid sometimes, do you?

I think I generally go for a very tight shot and I am trying to step back and do some more story telling — it’s something that I love in others photos, so I am going to try more of that as well. I love getting street shots — I think that’s my favorite!

And everyone knows I love animals! All animals and I do adore the pigeons!!! I find them so entertaining and they always remind me of my sweet cairn terrier, Emrys!

Downtown Crossing in Boston is going through a huge change, actually it is an area that has seen tremendous change since I was a child. But right now there seems to be a clash between lots of new buildings and  the fact that many of the store fronts are empty. I think the city is trying to bring more activity to this location by having live music, a bazaar and even, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a beer and wine party!

North Station. It is the station I go through everyday and, let’s just say, it is “interesting!”