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film shots from 16 november 2012

not very long ago, while it feels like forever, we spent some time at our magical spot in salem, the salem willows. i took lots of digital shots and a few polaroids with my sx-70. i also used my hasselblad 500 c/m–the camera i adore and i am somewhat in awe of (yes i am really ending a sentence with a preposition).

i know i never thought that i would ever own such a great beauty as this camera–just holding her is almost enough–almost. i know she is content to let me fuss and dance around her, she is patient and she knows that sooner or later i will fall into a rhythm and i will know that i am able to work WITH her. that is her plan. her only goal is to be used in a loving, respectful and fun way and she means for me to know that and to r.e.l.a.x. and she has time, lots of time.

i am sitting here thinking of her and of the sea and its special smells and sounds and awesomeness and i am glad to be alive.

oh yes and a few shots from Honor my hassy:

another one of that sweet little house:

all shots taken with my hasselblad 500 c/m, 150mm f4. lens, ektar 100 film.


a saturday at salem willows, memories and cats

carl and i don’t go to salem willows enough. and that’s been changing recently. while the harbor is right across the street from my house, the willows is a very special place.

i am always drawn to the sea — it’s why i live where i do and it is always something i am aware of. at one time, long before i met my love, i thought about moving closer to my dear sister, kathy, but i just couldn’t make the change — she is only about 45 minutes from the ocean, but it just felt like i was losing a part of myself. the smell, the sound, its beauty — i couldn’t leave it.

a long time ago, when i lived in lynn (lynn lynn city of sin, you never come out the way you went in), right by kings’s beach, i could also see the water from my window and, i loved walking this huge beach with my dear cairn terrier, sidney and then her little baby, my precious emrys! i was always very sad for them when summer would come because no dogs were allowed on the beach. but as soon as we were able, off we went, them running around like crazy-happy pups and me, basking in their joy!

we also would take vacations in provincetown, which, for those who are not familiar with cape cod, is right on the very tip of the cape — it’s beaches are stunning and it is particularly stellar in the winter. so bleak. so pale. so gorgeous. and, in the summer, my dogs would swim like they were huge water dogs–particularly sidney–and then flop on the blankets and soak up the sun. ooooo to be a dog!!!!

in those days i had two cameras: my minolta srt201 and my polaroid one step! i can see, in my minds eye, some of those moments we shared! i will, at some time, post some of those old shots!!!

but on with salem willows–a place that still has that honky tonk feel (in miniature) but, at one time, was a real amusement park! my mother told me that my great uncles would load up the huge clan and take them all for the long drive (then) from west medford to salem. she loved it and has wonderful memories of her family and all the fun they had! and i have some of those old photos too–from their trips to salem willows, kings beach and other beaches in our area. i have one with my great aunt bertha, my mother and some of my aunts (all young girls) at kings beach with my great aunt’s model t (i think) in the background!

so here, at last, are some more shots from last saturday, 10 november 2012!!!

and cats, dear annie and parker. oona is a hard one to pin down!

you probably notice that i have taken more than one shot of that little turquoise house! it is one of my favorite little things in the world! such a silly little thing!!!

a fabulous saturday in chatham, ny

carl and i celebrated our 15th anniversary on 25 October and had decided beforehand that we would go away for the weekend. deirdre haber malfatto (superdewa) and i had often talked about getting together in her neck of the woods and so voila!  i talked to deirdre and she was free and we decided that it would be perfect to go and meet deirdre’s family and spend a day with them! and, as luck would have it, cara farnell (tumbleweedineden), who i had not yet met, was also available to get together too! so the date was set for 27 october!

carl and i drove to great barrington, massachusetts where we had booked a room. We really enjoyed the drive: it was beautiful and restful but i was sooo excited to meet everyone! i think i would have shot pictures along the way if we had given ourselves more time to get there. but, alas, great planning is not my way!

after getting lost on our way to deirdre’s house (getting lost IS our way) we were greeted by her lovely family: her handsome and welcoming husband, jason, and her smart, fun and sweet daughters, shoshanna and elisheva AND my sweet flickr friend, cara!!! we also got to meet hazel and ivy, their beautiful pet rats!!!

we went to the village of chatham to have a lovely lunch at ralph’s (i had a burrito that was perfection) and then stroll around. the village is lovely and i could easily see the appeal of living there: warm and cozy and filled with interesting stores and fabulous architecture–funky and fun–just my cup of tea!!!

after tons of picture-taking, talking and just plain enjoying each other’s company, we went back to deirdre’s house. let me say that i have never been so comfortable in someone’s home on the very first visit! the whole family is so inviting — and shoshanna was very kind to let me hold and love-up her rats!!! we talked, laughed and told stories–it was splendid!!! getting to know everyone was so delightful!! their home is so warm and filled with their personalities–it is an old country house that i would love to live in!! then jason and deirdre prepared us a fantastic meal and we all sat around their big dining room table and just dug in!! deirdre made us a huge and fantastic apple pie for desert and i know a good time was had by all!

here are a few moments that i captured of our great day:


elisheva, carl and deirdre

these decorations are all over chatham but no one knows who is doing it!

i wish i had inquired about these lovely pieces on a bakery wall!

cara and deirdre!

my dear  carl

shoshanna with ivy and hazel

deirdre’s fabulous apple pie!

and shoshanna with her little babies, hazel and ivy!!!

i wish i had taken a shot of jason!!! and there were so many other shots i missed — but for  a good reason — i was in the moment with great friends!!!!

all shots taken with my canon 60d. most are shot with my 100mm 2.8 lens with the exception of the deirdre’s pie and shoshanna and her babes. they were shot with my 50mm f1.4.