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the twelfth of january with my love


yesterday (12 january 2013) carl and i had some appointments to go to (including getting all our hairs cut). whilst carl was getting his hair cut by our friend and fab stylist, joyce, i went next door to cafe gusto and purchased a very decadent ghiradelli creation they make there called a “double chocolate frappe.” except it’s more than chocolate–it is also coffee and it is not something this very chubby body should be consuming–but oh, it is sooo good!!!!! and the people there are so lovely!!! the young barrista, who i boldly stated should be a model (sometimes i do need a muzzle), was lovely to me despite the fact that i probably embarrassed her!!!

i had to bring carl a taste of this fattening drink in joyce's salon and then i had to take the required selfie. of course.

i had to bring carl a taste of this fattening drink in joyce’s salon and then i had to take the required selfie. of course.

i roamed cabot street during carl’s cut and i am always warmed by the sight of a dog and their person walking down the street and i long for the day that i can do that as well!!!!


i looked into windows, particularly those of a great store called “casa da moda” that has been here in beverly since the 1970s and has a great assortment of home gifts, gifts for children (especially little girls who want to be ballerinas), cards and jewelry.


when carl was fully coiffed, i asked him to stand in front of this brick wall (part of casa da moda) and let me take a shot! it reminded me so very much of a shot i took whilst we were visiting Deirdre in Chatham, New York!!!


after some errands in downtown salem we were driving back to our house when we started to pass collin’s cove and i asked carl to stop so i could take some photos. it was a very, very gray day but the tide was on it’s way out and the gulls were on the beach and it was calling to me.


collin’s cove is a small, neighborhood beach that has crumbling walls (great for texture) and a very old feel to it. i love it!!! when my dogs were alive i brought them here all the time. when the tide is completely out you can practically walk to the willows!!!


my babe walks the beach!!!


while i was taking shots here with my hasselblad i took a step backwards and went down, hard, on my ass, but thankfully me and my cameras survived the crash!!!! i must be more careful!!!

after our little adventure we went back home and snuggled with our cats. that’s all!!! oh, then i decided to play with my signature for my photos and update it a little for 2013!!! and that was fun!!!

all shots taken with my canon 60d and 50mm f1.4 lens.


a new blog and precious parker posey

Blogging has become more and more interesting to me but I thought I would never actually have the nerve to start one. Friends of mine (and you know who you are) urged me to use this format to showcase my photography and I am giving it a try. While photography is my main reason for starting this blog I am sure that this blog, like me, it will begin to ramble into different areas!

So today is my first post and I want it to be something special!

After only taking film shots and iphone shots, I picked up my faithful 60d when I saw Parker in some incredible, golden hour light:

I am enjoying blogging so far!!!!!